There are many ways to create a task card: 

  • from a private chat – this way the person will automatically become a task's assignee;

  • from a group chat –  the task will automatically be assigned to this group;

  • from Cards Feed;

  • from Task Board of any group – and the task will automatically be assigned to this group.

Learn how to create a task card

  1. Find and press the green button with a cross 

  2. Choose Task as the type of card

  3. Add group(s) or people and press Save. You can save the task without assignees – it will become a draft and will only appear in My Drafts 

  4. Enter task title and description and press Next

  5. You can now edit the list of assignees, add attachments, poll, sub-task, checklist, time estimate, due date and members/followers

Congratulations on the first successfully created task card!

How will assignees know about the task?

  • All the assignees and groups you specified will be notified that you have created a new task for them.

  • The new task will appear in their Inbox and My Tasks or Task Board (if assigned to a group).

  • Assignees can either Accept or Decline the task

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